Fabrics Catalog

Our fabric catalog showcases a wide variety of materials with stunning prints that come to life in reality. With this catalog, you can truly experience and appreciate the different fabric compositions and witness the excellent quality of the prints on the various fabrics.

The catalog offers an inspiring experience with vibrant colors, unique textures, and captivating designs.

Each fabric is presented with its features and measurements, allowing you to examine and feel the different fabrics to find the perfect fit for your needs. Additionally, with our catalog, you can also compare the colors on our website screen to the colors obtained on the fabric in the catalog, gaining a much more precise understanding to achieve impressive and remarkable results for any project.


Natural Materials:

Design 8230005273
Printed on

Design 9231000009
Printed on
Viscose Diagonal

Design 9231000033
Printed on
Organic Cotton Voile

Design 8230001713
Printed on
Cotton Poplin

Design 9231000081
Printed on
Organic Cotton

Design 9231000049
Printed on
Cotton percale Lycra

Design 9231000041
Printed on
Cotton satin Lycra

Polyester Materials:

Design 8230008577
Printed on
Japanese Satin

Design 9231000025
Printed on
Satin Diagonal

Design 9231000065
Printed on

Design 9231000073
Printed on
Chiffon striped

Design 8230004929
Printed on
Poly Crepe

Design 8230005945
Printed on
Japanese Crepe

Swimwear Lycra Knitted:

Design 9231000017
Printed on
Swimwear lycra