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Why Printed Fabric Is At The Heart of Every Design

When you are designing a garment, the design pattern creates its silhouette. The printed fabric is what draws the eye towards the clothes. It’s always preferred to have a fabric in mind when working on your design. The fabric can make or break an outfit – give it a new lease on life or make it appear more minimalistic. There’s no denying that your printed fabric is as important as the pattern you used to design your garment or project.

The world of design is changing every day, yet there are only so many silhouettes or projects you can undertake. More often than not, what makes your creation stand out if the fabric that you choose. Imagine yourself standing in front of a shelf of cushions in a department store. There are rows and rows to choose from – what draws your attention? In most cases, it’ll be the fabric. The colours might trigger a memory, or the intricate print might captivate your imagination. 

The first thing that you should consider for any project is the aesthetic that you want to create. If you’re lacking in inspiration, turn to a vision board or sites like Pinterest to help you curated together a collection of photos. The fabric you choose is what will bring your design to life. It’s what will make it pop and stand out amongst a sea of other items.

The beauty of printed fabrics is that the world is your oyster. If you can think of a pattern or colour combination, you’re certain to find it amongst the rolls of fabric that you can find in stores and online. Sometimes, it’s the fabric that acts as the source of inspiration for the rest of your design. You might come across a silk chiffon fabric and instantly picture it coming to life as a dress. Often, it’s the fabric that does the design work for you. 

Still not convinced? 

Picture this. You have two garments of the same bubble dress design that was first made famous by Pierre Cardon. If you saw one dress in a modest black tweed and another in a vibrant floral printed cotton, you would think the designs were entirely different. Your mind would instantly create impressions of each dress and what makes them different. 

Most amateur sewers, whatever their niche, are working with mass-produced design patterns that we all familiar with. If you want to make your design truly your own, you need to think about the fabric. Your project might start as a sketch on a piece of paper. You might be using a pattern that you’ve downloaded online. 

What brings your design to life is the fabric that you choose. It is the most important component of the design process. 

Don’t overlook the fabric choosing process. Always look at your fabric choices with a fresh set of eyes and stay open to inspiration that printed fabric might bring you.

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