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The 2021 Fashion Trends That You Can Recreate

When you know how to work a sewing machine, you can turn your home into your own atelier. If you’re skilled with creating garments, you can look at any fashion trend and recreate it into something unique. You don’t have to worry about tailoring a high-street piece to fit you, and you can often add little flourishes to make it your own. Whether you’ve been making your clothes for years or are new to the game, we’re sharing the latest fashion trends for 2021. With a little research and the right fabric, you can recreate any of these five trends and customise them to suit your aesthetic.

  1. Loungewear

In 2020, we all wanted to live in our PJs. Whether you were on a Zoom call or running to the grocery store, you were likely spotted in your loungewear. The key to achieving this relaxed trend is to choose comfortable and breathable fabrics like cotton and viscose. We think that using a printed fabric like animal-skin pattern can help bring your loungewear to the next level. If you want to make your custom-made loungewear wearable for every day, you can elevate your look by using the same fabric for a top and bottom garment. A skilled seamstress could even attempt to make a matching vest top or sports bra. 

2. Head Scarves

One of the easier fashion trends to recreate is the headscarf. The fashion industry is always looking to past for inspiration and rediscovering old favourites. The headscarf trend of the 50s and 60s is having a resurgence amongst influencers and fashion followers. Channel your inner Jackie Kennedy or Princess Grace by turning your favourite silk fabric into a headscarf. Don’t be afraid to experiment with ethnic and floral inspired printed fabrics to make a statement with your head scarf.

3. Metallic – Foil

We all know that choosing fabrics is one of the importants decisions for any sewing fan. Metallic is making a comeback thanks to the 2000s nostalgia that we’re seeing everywhere from the runway to department stores. If you’re not confident about rocking the trend in a head-to-toe outfit, consider starting with a small accessory like a belt or Foil print.

Silver/ gold metallic foil prints are fabrics that you’ll want to add to your sewing stash in 2021.

4. Feminine Pastels

Another fabric that you want to stay on the lookout for is pastels. Think of sorbet-style colours like mint green and lavender, the sort of colours you could picture sitting in the window of a gelato store. If you’re someone who likes to blur the lines between gender norms, you can use this fabric colour on a masculine design to turn the concept on its head. We have an endless supply of pastel printed fabrics, meaning you’ll be spoilt for choice when creating your clothes.

5. The Little Black Dress

Is there anything more timeless than a little black dress? This garment has been a fashion staple for generations, and any budding sewing fanatic will want to create one of their own. The little black dress has appeared on the 2021 runway for brands like Jacquemus and Victoria Beckham. If you want to make your design on-trend, opt for a design with cut-outs, a halter neck or spaghetti straps. For those who prefer a pattern, why not try a black printed fabric with an intricate design that reflects your personality?

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